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my birthday/x-mas list so far/i am broke but desperately want things

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- 'zinc' gray hoodie from american apparel because apparently they are/have gone out of bizznaz.

- that one cool, purple flannel shirt with the buttons from urban outfitters.

- just generally nice clothing in size SMALL since medium has gotten too big for me and looks foolish on me and it drives me crazy not having a wardrobe i can feel comfortable in omfg ocd will not allow me to wear anything but properly form-fitting clothing without having a neurotic breakdown and obsessing over it like i am right now.

- cheap ink, preferably india ink, i guess?

- some newer brushes that are better than my current cheap-o ones.

- a truckload of strathmore bristol paper, preferably with the vellum finish. mmm..delicious.

- a hard copy of the 'loveless' cd by my bloody valentine.

- a new ps2 with a copy of persona 4 in it.

trying to keep track of the bare essentials i need to purchase. thus, this list.
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