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matters of a tedious and personal nature.

really into toro y moi recently. i mean, i was a while ago, but i've had a resurgence of interest in the guy as i've started re-listening to 'causers of this' in anticipation for the new cd, 'underneath the pine'. i've been pretty obsessed and went shopping for clear frames just like the ones he wears the other night with some friends. i've even been growing my hair out like him, but i think i'm gonna acquiesce and cut it really short again.

dug through my storage recently hoping to find some old books i haven't read quite yet, and low and behold i finally found my 7th-grade copy of 'lord of the rings'. so i've been reading that for the first time with secret, nerdy zeal during the restless, stressed out nights i've been having recently. it was tough to divorce the narrative and characters from the film iterations for a while, but once i made it through to the parts where the story divulges from what the movie did, it got really fun. also, i really notice the influence the storytelling had on pop culture stories and, like, modern films. MANY of the chapters read sort of like the script for a modern hollywood film.

lately, i've been missing hanging out in chicago alone at night. i guess ever since i read in an interview that dan clowes was really into the same thing--going downtown, alone or with friends, and just sort of kicking around in the middle of the night, listening to music in his headphones, taking in the atmosphere..i dunno, there is something really special about this city in particular at ungodly hours that's just really calming, i guess; i thought i was the only one who felt that way, though. i've started taking advantage of the mental state it puts me in by finding 24-hour cafes and coffee shops and stuff, and getting some, well, coffee or whatever and doing some writing there until i work out whatever mental thing i'm trying to work out.
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