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Writer's Block: You've got the look

How important is physical attraction in selecting a romantic partner?

hmm..i dunno if it's me being a fussy, fastidious human being, or if everyone feels this way after a while, but it's less physical attraction and more about 'appearance'. that is to say, the way they carry themselves or their personal sense of style.

i can't say there's a set standard for me whether a person is hot or not, but it's more along the lines of 'do they look like they're my type?' i would never even consider uttering such a trite and narcissistic idea as 'looks don't matter to me.' because they do--they SO do. just sometimes it's one of the last things i factor in after mood, mannerisms, style, taste, sense of humor, etc. everyone has their own standards for looks, and i'm no different, but i do try to end up dating someone i actually enjoy spending time with as well.


marathoning skins tonight. i'm almost done with series 3. starting to get used to the 2nd gen kids. my favorites are easily emily and naomi; cook has his moments, too.
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