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my coffee.

dan clowes has a ton of projects this year, it seems.
he even added stuff to, which he never seemed to use for anything!
i re-read his 'caricature' short story just on a whim earlier today, and it reminded me how versatile he can be with tone. i prefer a comedic tone, at least slightly, and most of his recent works fall cleanly into the 'dark comedy/slice of life' category, i guess--so i totally forgot how ridiculously WELL that guy can do introspective dramas.

there's nothing more satisfying in life that finding an artist who consistently satisfies you without being predictable. nowadays, i can just buy his books and know it's going to be fantastic and something most people aren't even attempting in that medium.


i've run out of british television shows to watch, so i guess it's back to books for now. not that that's a bad thing; it's just A thing.

i was secretly planning to probably not do acen this year, but my panel got approved, so now i guess i will. i'm almost, kind of, a little looking forward to doing that again.
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