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sense of dread

i sort of remember being able to get along with most people, and i really miss that.
recently, i feel less and less tolerant of the sort of 'accepted rudeness' and stupidity that's common in banal social interactions, and it just grates on my nerves until i get really annoyed and complain to the person about it.

i guess there are accepted flaws in any society during any time, but the more time i spend reading, drawing, writing, listening to music, isolated from people, the more i feel like an observer looking in on this society i'm not wholly a part of, and the more i notice those little scratchy moments when i'm in a group and everyone is rubbing against one another through interaction.

the people who talk the most are usually the ones with the least substantial things to say, and that's a fact of life i acknowledged and accepted a long time ago, but now, it just seems like it's becoming unbearable when to see people stomping around, rudely and ignorantly pontificating, while the people around them have to lower their heads sheepishly and keep their mouths shut because idiots and jerks are just the accepted majority in any society. pacifists get shouted down by warmongers, and the intellectually curious get steamrolled by the daftest, loudest chest-thumpers; it's disgusting.

i definitely don't believe certain people are 'more good' than other people, or have this unequivocal moral superiority, since humans strike me as 'bad guys' overall, but more and more i feel this sense of dread that the truest, most eloquent words being said will always get drowned out by the overwhelming number of morons shouting bullshit.
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