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  2011.07.18  03.54
so true, so true..


  2011.07.12  00.11
ask my some anonymous questions!


probably only gonna be open for a week or two - we'll see..


  2011.04.29  04.05
Writer's Block: The Royal Wedding

If you were invited to the Royal Wedding, what gift would get the bride and groom?


Mood: busy

  2011.04.24  04.35

i can only imagine having never seen an episode of peep show, not being prepared in any way, and stumbling across this commercial--and being bombarded with a string of jokes featuring the characters smoking pot or crack, wearing strap-ons, contemplating suicide, accidentally murdering girlfriends' beloved pets, participating in sex orgies, etc.

Mood: amused

  2011.04.23  02.19
i swear..

..this guy does the best my bloody valentine covers, omg.

Mood: mellow

  2011.04.23  02.16
sense of dread

i sort of remember being able to get along with most people, and i really miss that.
recently, i feel less and less tolerant of the sort of 'accepted rudeness' and stupidity that's common in banal social interactions, and it just grates on my nerves until i get really annoyed and complain to the person about it.

i guess there are accepted flaws in any society during any time, but the more time i spend reading, drawing, writing, listening to music, isolated from people, the more i feel like an observer looking in on this society i'm not wholly a part of, and the more i notice those little scratchy moments when i'm in a group and everyone is rubbing against one another through interaction.

the people who talk the most are usually the ones with the least substantial things to say, and that's a fact of life i acknowledged and accepted a long time ago, but now, it just seems like it's becoming unbearable when to see people stomping around, rudely and ignorantly pontificating, while the people around them have to lower their heads sheepishly and keep their mouths shut because idiots and jerks are just the accepted majority in any society. pacifists get shouted down by warmongers, and the intellectually curious get steamrolled by the daftest, loudest chest-thumpers; it's disgusting.

i definitely don't believe certain people are 'more good' than other people, or have this unequivocal moral superiority, since humans strike me as 'bad guys' overall, but more and more i feel this sense of dread that the truest, most eloquent words being said will always get drowned out by the overwhelming number of morons shouting bullshit.

Mood: mellow

  2011.04.02  03.10
my coffee.


dan clowes has a ton of projects this year, it seems.
he even added stuff to danielclowes.com, which he never seemed to use for anything!
i re-read his 'caricature' short story just on a whim earlier today, and it reminded me how versatile he can be with tone. i prefer a comedic tone, at least slightly, and most of his recent works fall cleanly into the 'dark comedy/slice of life' category, i guess--so i totally forgot how ridiculously WELL that guy can do introspective dramas.

there's nothing more satisfying in life that finding an artist who consistently satisfies you without being predictable. nowadays, i can just buy his books and know it's going to be fantastic and something most people aren't even attempting in that medium.


i've run out of british television shows to watch, so i guess it's back to books for now. not that that's a bad thing; it's just A thing.

i was secretly planning to probably not do acen this year, but my panel got approved, so now i guess i will. i'm almost, kind of, a little looking forward to doing that again.

Mood: awake

  2011.03.21  01.26
Writer's Block: You've got the look

How important is physical attraction in selecting a romantic partner?

hmm..i dunno if it's me being a fussy, fastidious human being, or if everyone feels this way after a while, but it's less physical attraction and more about 'appearance'. that is to say, the way they carry themselves or their personal sense of style.

i can't say there's a set standard for me whether a person is hot or not, but it's more along the lines of 'do they look like they're my type?' i would never even consider uttering such a trite and narcissistic idea as 'looks don't matter to me.' because they do--they SO do. just sometimes it's one of the last things i factor in after mood, mannerisms, style, taste, sense of humor, etc. everyone has their own standards for looks, and i'm no different, but i do try to end up dating someone i actually enjoy spending time with as well.


marathoning skins tonight. i'm almost done with series 3. starting to get used to the 2nd gen kids. my favorites are easily emily and naomi; cook has his moments, too.

Mood: drained

  2011.03.16  23.29
matters of a tedious and personal nature.

really into toro y moi recently. i mean, i was a while ago, but i've had a resurgence of interest in the guy as i've started re-listening to 'causers of this' in anticipation for the new cd, 'underneath the pine'. i've been pretty obsessed and went shopping for clear frames just like the ones he wears the other night with some friends. i've even been growing my hair out like him, but i think i'm gonna acquiesce and cut it really short again.

dug through my storage recently hoping to find some old books i haven't read quite yet, and low and behold i finally found my 7th-grade copy of 'lord of the rings'. so i've been reading that for the first time with secret, nerdy zeal during the restless, stressed out nights i've been having recently. it was tough to divorce the narrative and characters from the film iterations for a while, but once i made it through to the parts where the story divulges from what the movie did, it got really fun. also, i really notice the influence the storytelling had on pop culture stories and, like, modern films. MANY of the chapters read sort of like the script for a modern hollywood film.

lately, i've been missing hanging out in chicago alone at night. i guess ever since i read in an interview that dan clowes was really into the same thing--going downtown, alone or with friends, and just sort of kicking around in the middle of the night, listening to music in his headphones, taking in the atmosphere..i dunno, there is something really special about this city in particular at ungodly hours that's just really calming, i guess; i thought i was the only one who felt that way, though. i've started taking advantage of the mental state it puts me in by finding 24-hour cafes and coffee shops and stuff, and getting some, well, coffee or whatever and doing some writing there until i work out whatever mental thing i'm trying to work out.

Mood: chipper

  2011.03.10  13.03
Writer's Block: Batter up!

From China to the local IHOP, what's your favorite meal involving pancakes?

why're you insinuating chinese pancakes are stranger than regular pancakes?
why do you show a small rodent wearing a pancake in the accompanying picture for this question?
are you trying to make the link that 'chinese pancakes' are the ones with rodents as an ingredient?? this whole question strikes me as shocking and subtle racism.


Mood: worried

  2011.02.14  21.44
livejournal, you're getting too cynical.

slamming justin bieber AND valentine's day in tandem?!
why do you hate everything, livejournal?


  2011.02.05  16.35
Writer's Block: The start of something wonderful

What is your favorite opening line of a book, and why?

probably the epigraph from 'a confederacy of dunces'.

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him."

Mood: calm

  2011.01.04  02.25
posting for myself to read again later.


slam dunk creator interviews one piece creator for japanese art show in their [shared] hometown.
world splits in half.

really digging superhumanoids and kids and explosions right now.
starting drawing comic. it's a fantastic feelin'.

Mood: artistic

  2010.12.12  15.44

i really, reaaallly, reaaaaaally hope they sell the nibs i prefer somewhere in chicago.
just as i was ready to throw down the actual art on to the actual pages -- after an intense week of inking study to adjust to using them; and they are AWESOME to use! -- i bent the only 108 hunt i had.

gonna practice with the brush as soon as i get appropriate basins and stuff, but i'm aware that's gonna take way more adjusting and training to do well. in the meantime, i've had time to do script revisions and become re-addicted to reading. it's gotten to the point, though, where i feel like my brain is this muscle that's languishing and getting pretty flabby if i'm not in the process of finishing or re-reading SOMETHING.

unfamiliar fishes, please hurry and be released!

loveless by my bloody valentine, the best of joy division, and random chopin are getting the most play time in my ears right now. there's probably more interesting, more personal things i could say here, but in this moment i'm mostly excited and antsy to draw and read and listen to music and not much more. oh! snow! the holidays are happening, and it's snowing! i'm excited about that, too.

Mood: chipper

  2010.11.30  18.52
this is how lame i am;

i had a nightmare about running out of col-erase pencils. that's it. that was the climax.
even worse, i didn't literally run out, i just sharpened my last one down to a nub, so it was still technically usable.

i think NASA is hyping their conference for the same reason they over-hyped space shuttle launches - they need to draw in attention to have social relevance to justify government funding or whatever. that's probably this ostensible oversimplification, but i have a feeling it's highly likely the press conference thursday will lack alien evidence and be wholly disappointing.


  2010.11.11  14.31
wow, the new asobi seksu song is really good..

i like it better than their old style, actually.

hopefully gonna find someone to drag along to the four lions premiere in chicago tomorrow. if not, i'll have to wait an entire week to see it, and by then i'll be so distracted by the new series of peep show and the new kanye west cd to probably care.

i'm glad conan is back; i'm glad he is kicking everyone's ass in ratings.
november, you are the best month for media consumption, no doubt.

Mood: blank

  2010.11.08  14.08

+ fully-stocked art supplies
+ loveless and the best of joy division ( i know, i know.. 'the best of's' are so lame, amirite?)
+ coffee
and thus, i enter into a furious, beautiful, isolated whirlwind of creativity.

my body can't even sleep anymore unless i'm face-down in paint brushes or almost stabbing myself in the eye while dozing off during nib usage-ingggg.

tons of junk to do all week and done all weekend, but coming home to this is amazing. it's like my loving and ever-faithful art-wife.

yes i just said that. no, it wasn't the least bit sad or depressing.
seriously though, really digging the frustration and accomplishment trying to
master stuff i've procrastinated to work with for so long; it's like learning
how to ink all over again. bristol is weird, the cheap deleter comic paper i have seems smoother and like it works just fine. i don't know if i'm going to swap out papers just yet.

Mood: artistic

  2010.10.28  19.54
oh snap

the one piece manga is outselling the bleach manga in american now?
#2 shonen manga after naruto. wow, it's about time, western audiences - jesus!
this is the comic equivalent of that churchill quote: "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities."

i definitely think american manga fans had to read, literally, every other shitty shonen-fighting manga before they eventually acquiesced and read one piece out of boredom; inevitably going,

anyway, yah for inventiveness and GOOD writing and quality comic books in general.
now, if it could not trump naruto in popularity (that will never happen) but start to rival it, i'd be satisfied. also, lulz @ bleach. BLEACH HAS A TV SHOW RIGHT NOW THAT AIRS UNEDITED WITH A DECENT DUB!! wtf. one piece has none of those things and it's kicking its ass. it must be reaaaaally sucky right now. good on, one piece, good on..

the emoticon chosen for this entry will undoubtedly be 'geeky'.
i may even obnoxiously throw in an amv since i haven't do that in like a year.
yup. it's happening now.

Mood: geeky

  2010.10.19  14.55
an essay -- what fun!


so this is a really interesting essay dan clowes did on the state of
comics as medium and an industry - and by 'interesting' i mean he very eloquently
and decisively seems to agrees with the same points i generally make about the
whole thing.

particularly why they're such a debased and polarizing art form for burgeoning
or potential fans. the negatives and positives of that, etc.
also, it's really funny if you share my sense of humor.

Mood: awake

  2010.10.13  15.11


$tuff like this is kind of expensive, but i really have got to kick it up a few notches and i refuse to draw and ink digitally at all. *lights wallet on fire* if i stick with cheap-o paper and splurge for decent brush and inks i should be fine, though. probably.

recently i was drawing and finalizing scripts for this comic i was doing.
i always start doing that, but doing a webcomic is, like...it's hard to write something
that lengthy and draw it while forcing yourself to stick to a solid schedule and get it done.
i mean, i'm not even the type of person who needs someone breathing down my neck to do something, but i do need to know at least one or two people are really enthused and waiting to
see the next installment.

everything i've been writing lately is so specific to ME that i sort of know it's not something everyone will love instantaneously; that's the way to go about creation if you're trying to do things personal with some semblance of originality, but it also ensures not everyone i know is going to be excited, which impedes my own eagerness to finish sometimes, i think. oh, well. i really need to get stuff online to get basic reactions to readibility, pacing, characterization and the like, anyways. even if people don't dig something i'm making, it's still really important to know that's it's flowing naturally and easy to read and all that.

also, i recently was inking and realized pigment pens are bullshit and i need to purchase more dip-ink for nibs and brushes like right now. pigment pens are cheaper and easier to maintain, but they're sort of..'amateur hour' and i know that. i've also gotten to the point where i can't get the kind of lines i want AT ALL AND IT IS THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING IN THE WORLD. if you don't draw, it's seriously 'there's something in my eye but i just can't get it out' frustrating.

yup. now you understand.

Mood: chipper

  2010.10.10  16.27
my birthday/x-mas list so far/i am broke but desperately want things

adrian tomine Pictures, Images and Photos

- 'zinc' gray hoodie from american apparel because apparently they are/have gone out of bizznaz.

- that one cool, purple flannel shirt with the buttons from urban outfitters.

- just generally nice clothing in size SMALL since medium has gotten too big for me and looks foolish on me and it drives me crazy not having a wardrobe i can feel comfortable in omfg ocd will not allow me to wear anything but properly form-fitting clothing without having a neurotic breakdown and obsessing over it like i am right now.

- cheap ink, preferably india ink, i guess?

- some newer brushes that are better than my current cheap-o ones.

- a truckload of strathmore bristol paper, preferably with the vellum finish. mmm..delicious.

- a hard copy of the 'loveless' cd by my bloody valentine.

- a new ps2 with a copy of persona 4 in it.

trying to keep track of the bare essentials i need to purchase. thus, this list.

Mood: artistic

  2010.08.06  16.30
i said green day makes shitty music on the internet.

ohhhh noooesss

Mood: amused

  2010.08.03  19.02
scott pilgrim cartoon. adult swim. next thursday. midnight.

less than 24 hours left to apply for this free screening if you live in or around chicagoland:

Mood: blank

  2010.08.01  14.41
sitting in a chair, thinking of things to say

Mood: amused

  2010.07.28  04.05

so i had a weird half-dream where the term 'displacement theory' was emphasized. just got around to looking it up; apparently it's a psychological term:

According to Freudian psychoanalytic theory, displacement is when a person shifts his/her impulses from an unacceptable target to a more acceptable or less threatening target. For example, if you are very angry at your teacher because you did poorly on a test and think the reason for your poor performance is because the teacher asked tricky, unfair questions, you may become angry at your teacher. But, you obviously can't yell at your teacher (really, you can't!), hit your teacher, or express your angry in any other hostile way toward the teacher, so you go home and "displace" your anger by punching your little brother instead.

shocking!!! what is my psyche trying to warn me of?!

Mood: shocked

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