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+ fully-stocked art supplies
+ loveless and the best of joy division ( i know, i know.. 'the best of's' are so lame, amirite?)
+ coffee
and thus, i enter into a furious, beautiful, isolated whirlwind of creativity.

my body can't even sleep anymore unless i'm face-down in paint brushes or almost stabbing myself in the eye while dozing off during nib usage-ingggg.

tons of junk to do all week and done all weekend, but coming home to this is amazing. it's like my loving and ever-faithful art-wife.

yes i just said that. no, it wasn't the least bit sad or depressing.
seriously though, really digging the frustration and accomplishment trying to
master stuff i've procrastinated to work with for so long; it's like learning
how to ink all over again. bristol is weird, the cheap deleter comic paper i have seems smoother and like it works just fine. i don't know if i'm going to swap out papers just yet.
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